Should I hire an appraiser before an estate liquidation company?

No, generally we would advise against spending any money for appraisals. We have a team of experts, including appraisers, for every aspect of your estate. By hiring us, you won’t have any additional money out of pocket. In reality, an item will sell for what the market will bear.

Should I clean up the personal items before you arrive?

No, in fact it is best to only take the things you need or want. Leave everything else behind, in every drawer and cupboard. Resist the temptation to “help” us, as this may cost you in the end. For example, old hearing aids – these can be worth hundreds and sometimes thousands for the right brand and age. Some people think they’re gross and throw them away. The same goes for gold teeth that have been crowned. Old clunky sunglasses or vintage clothing that you think has gone way out of style – these can sell for hundreds if not thousands! It all adds up and the more the better!

Can I have you do an estate sale for someone and never fly out to meet with you?

Absolutely! We have worked with numerous clients from various locations, including out of the United States.

Will you travel to conduct an estate sale out of the area?

Yes! We have been asked to travel as far as Baltimore, Maryland! For the proper estate, there’s no limit to how far we will travel.

What do you charge?

It depends on the volume of your particular estate. We’ve never left a consultation without giving you a solution for your specific situation. Consultations are always free! Call anytime.

How do you price the items for sale?

We know the current market trends for most items. However, there are times when we use our research databases to find information about your item. These databases allow us to find the most current prices for items sold at auctions and price each item to be competitive in the market.

How do you advertise?

We post your sale on a minimum of 10 different platforms, depending on your location and items for sale. Auction items have worldwide reach and local sales reach over 15,000 customers.

Why should I hire a professional estate liquidator?

Estate sales are much harder to host than garage sales. Clients contact us for various reasons, but the biggest reason is because of our extensive knowledge. We have experts to help manage even the most complex sales.

Should I move things into storage to get the house sold sooner?

Never! We will never argue that your home is where the largest value is, it never makes sense to move the contents. The cost financially and physically will cut deeply into your profits and will make our job much more difficult and our commissions higher. Additionally, we have so many success stories of buyer’s coming to the sale and knowing a friend or family member who bought the house because they loved it! They get a sneak peak with no pressure from a realtor. If your project is time sensitive, give us an opportunity to make it happens in 2 weeks or less!

What do you love most about your job?

I have always had a passion for helping people, and this fulfills that and then some. I’ve been very blessed in my life, and this is a great way for me to give back to my community. My kids and I are involved heavily in community service outside of my business. We work with the quilts for injured soldiers program, collect canned food at Halloween through the “Trick or treat so others can eat,” which was founded by one of my daughters.

I love antiques, oddities, and unusual items. It is amazing the stories I’ve heard, read and been in the presence of, that represent our history. Who doesn’t love to hold a choir book painstakingly crafted from calf hides – 49 to be exact. Written in incredible cursive with ink collected from oak gal, blue cobalt and cinnabar for red? Crafted in the 16th century! These are the treasures I love to find and sell for you.

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