What to expect when you choose us

Our practice includes discovery, staging, pricing, sales, charity and leaving you with an empty clean home!

When we discover, we take the time to empty each pocket, drawer, and closet and flip mattresses. During this time it is not uncommon to find jewelry, precious metals, family heirlooms and treasures long forgotten. Our team takes pride in this thorough process.

The next phase is pricing. We price each item of the estate using our extensive market knowledge and experience, and consult experts for unique or high value items throughout this process. Many individuals may not know the true value of the items in their estate – we provide the expertise to seek out and recognize the extraordinary. Often, our past clients tell us that our services resulted in a far greater dollar value than they ever expected.

The final stage (and most critical) of the liquidation is the sale dates. We have a running list of collectors, dealers, and clients. Any items of extraordinary value that we believe will fetch a higher price at auction will be safely delivered to those businesses (there may be some additional wait time to disburse funds in these situations). 

Staging is a process we truly enjoy and helps to display and sell your items quickly! It is also not uncommon for your home to receive buyer interest prior to listing with a realtor after a sale, once people have walked through the property and seen the estate. Hundreds of people are known to travel through a whole house during a sale, so it often doubles as a form of open house advertising! We are happy to work in conjunction with your chosen realtor, and forward all inquiries we receive, to contribute to the successful sale of your property. We also have references for our favorite realtors upon request.

Our goal is to alleviate any stress, concerns, or anxiety you may face in the process of liquidating your estate. We want you to experience the relief of leaving your things in good hands – most of our clients find this relief the minute they are driving away from the home. The contents of every cupboard, drawer and closet can be left in place – in fact we prefer that you do. Prescription medication will be properly disposed of, any personal effects will be safely kept or removed before the sale in order to preserve the dignity of loved ones and provide the family with an opportunity to decide if they would like to keep any mementos. We are very efficient and thorough at what we do. You’re hiring us to give you a clean getaway – relax and let us do what we do best!

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